Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Animals from Kruger National Park

Animals Animals Oh I love the animals!!
Hippos in
pond in front of our room.

 Does not
even look at us in the car he is crossing street!!!

Looks like a statue!

Do not quit eating just because we are here.

The real king of the jungle  See the corner of our vehicle.
We are really close.

Coming to see us if we don't go.  He is flapping his ears
and scrapping the ground with his foot.

Almost never see wild dogs.  These two young ones
lost their pack.  They were crying out.  They finally
found the pack about 3 days later.


See the babies -  even they are cute.
He is awesome.  Now I have seen Big 5 again.

Notice birds cleaning his back.
Will send more animals!!! Enjoy!

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