Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Days in Victoria Falls

We went to Zambezi Sun Resort where we were able to not only see lots of wildlife because we were in the National Park but we could walk to Victoria Falls.  We had baboons and monkeys to keep us company while we walked to the falls.

P1030669 These “warriors” were there to greet us.

P1030726The baboon walked by us but was more interested what

he could find on the ground to eat.

P1030717We dressed for the “rain” from the falls.  Would have never guessed that the mist would be heavier than anything I have experienced in Ghana.

P1030748Robin enjoying a slight mist from the falls.

P1030804Yes this is vacation – bottle of wine from Cape Coast, sitting by the pool and a Zebra comes by to make sure you remember where you are.

P1030790Mom was so content eating next to our car but her baby was so scared that she finally had to take him to side of road and secure him until we left.  So sweet.

P1030815This chair made from beads sat in our hall way at the hotel.  The hours it must have taken to make and it was so beautiful.

P1030707Seeing another day end on the beautiful country of South Africa.

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