Thursday, February 7, 2013

Safari First Class at Arathusa Safari Lodge

Headed out for Safari.  Yes it is sprinkling but so cool and wonderful no one really cared.  They gave us poncho’s that were lined so no problems.


One of the beautiful animals we saw was a rhino.  He is so big and awesome.  The horn he has has caused them

so much trouble.  The Chinese will pay for the horn in powder form that is high than the cost of gold.  If I am not

wrong I believe South Africa only has about 800 left since the poachers can’t be stopped.




P1030929We had this view from our veranda.  We could sit on our porch and watch the animals come down for a drink.  Such a pleasant way to spend and afternoon.


P1030828We even could see the hippos playing in the water.  Nothing like nature coming to you and just ignoring you.


P1030857Does anyone remember “The Elephant Walk”  Well here it is in real life!!


P1030914Yep even the baby walks wonder if the music is playing in their head?


P1040005Just wanted us to remember who was the King of the Jungle.  Our guide made mention that Disney did not get many things right in the Lion King.  Don’t want to ruin the magic so that’s all I will say.


P1040049Sort of the way I felt after our wonderful dinners at the Lodge.

I love watching the animals doing their own thing without even paying attention to the vehicles or us.  There were a few times, like when mom was reminding us that she would take care of her babies even if it meant dealing with us, that reminded you that you were in the wild and there is always danger (maybe the reason for the gun on the top of the car) when you are dealing with wild animals.

The lodge, restaurant and the staff were awesome.  This was all planned through Rhino Tours if anyone is heading to South Africa can’t say enough nice things.

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