Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter time in Nyariga

Yes, it is winter time.  I think it gets down to 88 at night and almost to 100 in the day.  The last week though it is nice in the morning but the weather seems determined to skip right past the rest of Harmattan and get to dry season where we will melt under 110-120 degrees. You guessed it I am trying to figure out how to head out of the Upper East for a small while next Month.

So to help me forget about the temp I take pictures and want to share with you.


P1040177 This wagon is loaded with about 6, 5 gallon plastic cans full of water.  The young girl was sent to fill them up at the bore hole and bring it back.  Since she is older she has enlisted all the kids she can to help her get it back across the main road and up a small incline to her house.  When I bring out the camera there are more kids to volunteer.  Glad I could help!! Brenda in white dress (the one that use to shake she was so scared when she saw me) Peter in blue panties and I am sorry I don’t know the other children’s names.


P1040187The women in the village are all changing their hair it seems like weekly.  Even the small children have to sit through it.. Here is Amena all ready to go to work with her new hair extensions.


P1040165Here is the before picture while they are struggling to keep her still.  Not easy on a 2 year old to be so beautiful.


P1040163Here are my two neighbor children helping their mother put her hair in a pony tail with her extensions.  She is the hairdresser next door and she is working on another lady while the girls do her up.  The girls have gotten pretty good at doing the extension not sure though I would want to sit and have it done.

P1040146Found these children on Sunday using the craft center for a jungle gym.  They were having so much fun until I pulled out the camera and then they just wanted their picture taken. 


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  1. I had the same problem taking pictures in Afghanistan. I would see something interesting and then they would see my camera and stop doing what I had found so interesting to get their picture taken.